E:The Ericsson Sisters

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E:The Ericsson Sisters

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:19 pm

Mission Rank: E
Mission Type: Escort
Client: Mr. and Mrs. Ericsson.
Reward:10 gold. (20 Renown with Townfolk)
Odds of success:94.6%

Statement from Client: I would love to take the girls myself, but we have a small business to run, and 5 other children at home. Allison (age 9) and Crystal  (age 10) will be on their best behavior. My former master, Alex Rickland in the town of Dasani has agreed to take the girls on as his apprentices. He will be waiting for the girls at the city gate once a date and time has been agreed upon. I know it's not the most exciting request, but our daughters' safety means the world to us.

-Mr. & Mrs. Ericsson


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