E:Graffiti Poppers.

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E:Graffiti Poppers.

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:07 pm

Mission Rank: E
Mission Type: Elimination  
Client: Deep River local law enforcement
Reward:1 gold per item successfully eliminated. (10 Renown with Law enforcement  and 5 with Townfolk.)
Odds of success:85-90%

Statement from Client: Is-is it recording? Well I don't know, Martha. This is why I keep saying magic should be outlawed within town limits. Oh- it's recording. Hello, this is Sheriff Cabot of Deep River. We've recently had a spike in acts of vandalism. Somebody going by the name Banksy is leaving homemade arcane devices around town. They seem harmless enough, but anything in range of the device when it goes off appears to be covered in bright vivid paint. This includes innocent bystanders, and the colors can only be removed by magic. The cost of having the curse removed is starting to add up. Deep River is a small town, and me and the boys could sure use some help finding and disposing of these devices. While you get to work finding the devices, my men and I will be free to catch the culprit. Okay... That went well. What do you think? Huh, oh. I hate ma-.


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