Mission EXPIRED E: The informant's daughter

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Mission EXPIRED E: The informant's daughter

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:28 am

Mission Rank:E
Mission Type: Body Guard  
Client: Mikey "Nimble Fingers" Patreli
Reward:12 gold (10 renown with Criminals)
Odds of success:75%

Statement from Client: I know I haven't been the most upstanding citizen. And among criminals, the snitch is the lowest  of the low, but none of that is Antonio's fault. He's a good boy and he deserves better. I'm trying to give him a better life, but getting out ain't easy. We're getting new names and a new home, but I need you to watch out for my boy until that happens. I know the Westside Boys, and they're  gonna want to make an example out of us. Please, help a guy out. Keep my boy safe.


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