Shu-Mi's Mini Series Part 1: The Sheepbiter and The Bat!

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Shu-Mi's Mini Series Part 1: The Sheepbiter and The Bat!

Post by Shu-Mi on Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:32 pm

Author's Note:: Shu-Mi's mini series are short stories that will help me shape and tweak my character.
In the begining of each short, I will set up the setting seperate from the "main" story. This is to provide you with extra info you might want to know or a chance to skip ahead and just read the story with out extra crap.

Story's Setting!!
Pallet Town aka "Shepherd's Paradise" -is probably one of the biggest town/village and the smallest- now you may ask, how is that possible? Well, this is because this town/village is more for shepherds (and/or the type of people who end up hording animals). For every 2 people there can be at least 20+ animals- The town/village is literally covered in shit that most don't believe in picking up because they believe that it's just a form of recyeling and that all this crap is somehow good for the grass, the town/village and it's surrondings. (The people have also made their own mounds and boulders in order to see further out, to watch over their animals.) Because of how many animals there are, the lack of cleanliness - this town/village produces enough stank to cover a 6 mile raidus.
As a result, there isn't many visitors, but those who dare enter this area are usually those who are trying to get away from bounty hunters, guards, guilds or even mercenaries. The reason why most pick this town/village to hide away in is because even those who have perfected tracking or can smell anything often get confused and turned around by the stench that this place produces. (People eventually do get caught- but this provides them protection for -at most- a day) The town's/villagers are kinda of clueless as they are all hippies and believe in free love unless you fuck with their heard or flock.

As the morning fog slowly began to set- a Nabu Kellas could be seen running away from some deadly hounds. With each step he took, the fog would swallow up another section of the forest, and with each step Shu-Mi just thought, "More. Just a little more."
Shu-Mi watched as the fog continued to devour tree by tree, stretching itself outward and he heard the echo's of the hounds getting closer and closer. He began to feel his heart racing faster and faster and his leg's becoming heavier and heavier, but he knew he couldn't rest here. He had to wait. Just a little bit longer.
You see, he knew that once the fog had covered everything, he could change into his domesticated form- though this wouldn't trick the hounds much (as there weren't to many cats that had two tails) he knew it would throw them off just long enough for him to come up with a plan- a way to escape, a way to save his life. Though he was running out of time as the hounds were getting even closer.
There was no time to look back, there was no time to catch his breath- the fog was moving in closer and the hounds were even closer than that. And for a brief moment, as if Shu-Mi's world had been paused. He couldn't sense the hounds or even hear them and the fog seemed to be just within reach. It was enough to send chills down his spine and it was enough for him to ask one question. "Why?"
And just like that, everything came back into play. The hounds were now one leap away from holding on to Shu-Mi and he, himself was one leap away from the fog's grasp. And as both took a leap of faith, Shu-Mi felt a sharp pain as he was just barely yanked away from the fog's warming embrace.
There was no time to react.
As Shu-Mi was being yanked back, his fur began to twitch as it made a horrible screech. At first it looked as if Shu-Mi had sprouted wings from his back- which was enough to spook two of the hounds. Though the one who held on to Shu-Mi- didn't take notice. But as Shu-Mi's back continued to shake and twitch- it took a form all on it's own. -With all of it's might the bat, thinking it were in danger- began to fly forward. Though in all it's confusion, Shu-mi's confusion and the hound's- all the bat managed to do was fly right into the hound's face, causing him to let go of Shu-Mi- and without hesitation, Shu-Mi's grabbed the bat and lept once more into the fog.

To Be Continued


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