Rules for the site

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Rules for the site

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:41 pm

1. No Drama (Out of game)
2. Be respectful  
3. Come to moderator with any disputes. Do not handle it yourself.

1. Do not control the actions of other PCs, or how they feel. ("I pick you up and you scream in fear" is incorrect. You should instead say, "I try to pick you up and intimidate you."
2. Use +text goes here+ to indicate  something  out of character. For example +That was great. My character is so gonna be pissed about that.+
3. Learn to say yes. Roleplaying is a social  activity. We're  all collectively  telling  a story together. If another character  is attempting  something, give it some consideration  before saying no.
4. You do not earn experience  from guild hall, but you can  trade, and buy items.

1. Always indicate whether or not the art you are posting is yours. Always link to the original artist whenever possible.
2. Stories written in this section are considered non-canonical. (Unless discussed  with the dm)
3. Use your judgment when posting. If you're not sure if something  is inappropriate, it's probably best to ask a moderator.

GMing Your Own Missions
1. Use the guild ranking system  to choose an appropriate ranking for your mission.
2. Determine the difficulty  of the mission  and then use the odds of success  to indicate  to the players how difficult  they should expect  the mission  to be.
3. Keep in mind  that not all missions have to contain combat.
4. On a solo mission, the cr of the enemy  NPCs should be about 1/4 the players lvl.
5. Try to give an appropriate reward. (Most farmers aren't going to have 200 gold laying around. )
6. EXP will be confirmed with a moderator before being posted to players.


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