EC Explained

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EC Explained

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:54 pm

Shields, weapons, and other non-armor items have an Equipment Condition, or EC. EC is the numerical value for an item's durability. A weapon's EC is equal to 2x its d#. For example, a dagger (1d4 damage) has an EC of 8. A greatsword (2d6 damage) has an EC of 24. A shield has an EC equal to 2x its original AC value. A standard shield is wooden with an AC of +2. That converts to an EC of 4.

Whenever a defender successfully blocks or parries an attack, their weapon or shield takes 1 damage to EC. The exception to this being heavy weapons, which deal 2 damage to EC.

When specifically targeting an item, the attacker's strength modifier may be added to the damage to the item's EC.


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