E:Tunnel to Nowhere

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E:Tunnel to Nowhere

Post by Admin on Thu May 26, 2016 4:56 pm

Mission Rank: E
Mission Type: Elimination  
Client: Darrendale Construction  
Reward:15 gold. (5 Renown with Townfolk, 10 Renown  with  Merchants )
Odds of success:70%

Statement  from  Client : Howdy folks, my name is Edmund Darrendale, and I'd be just so darn grateful if you could slay whatever is eating my crew. The boys refuse to go back into the tunnels because they say it's "too dangerous" and  some of their friends have "been slaughtered." Anyhow, it would be mighty fine of you folks to fix that for me, so my crew can get back to digging this here tunnel. I'm sure the townsfolk that hired me would be grateful  too.


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