E:rumors and panic

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E:rumors and panic

Post by slivwind on Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:14 am

Mission Rank: E
Mission Type:\ capture / recon
Client: merchant jon hash
Reward:5 gold 5 merchant rep. other posable rewards.
Odds of success:59%
mission: finger out who spreading the rumors/ find the robe being.
many people have be talking about some lord of devorment. , please. end these rumor. we not happy about them and there destroying business for everyone. and scared costumer only buy weapons. there a robed being every time the rumors start I'm sure he spreading them. the city watch has had no luck finding him.

elegant spoken in 5 language) hello this is lady lightrise. , if after you capture this being calming a lord of devorment has appeared, please bring him to my place in the south section. ... (there a bit extra captured that your not sure she meant to be here and only spoken in common) well I best be of. thank you for telling me this mission was up. I'll be seeing you around dear. take care
(there a well made map drawn showing area the rumors have started and where the robe being has appeared. as well as where she will be. and ruff description of what she looks like., look like miss lightrise been trying to track this being as well.)
(quest one of broken rirrim.)


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