E:The Tully Estate

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E:The Tully Estate

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:33 am

Mission Rank: E
Mission Type: Elimination
Client: Snape Tully III
Reward:Special (See below)(5 Renown with Nobles 10 renown with townsfolk)
Odds of success:80%

Statement from the Client:
Are you pressing the sigil Terrance?
Yes, my lord.
Excellent. Well then, I am Lord Snape Tully the third. I'm afraid we don't visit the old estate near capital city anymore. Since my sister's untimely demise, it no longer feels like home. Sorry, back to the matter at hand. I have received some disturbing news from the staff there. Stories of strange occurrences and accidents that have lead to some unfortunate deaths. I've consulted with a medium. She claims that the house is haunted. I'd like for you investigate and remove the source of the curse. Gods' Speed


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