fallin soul...

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fallin soul...

Post by slivwind on Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:10 am

misson type. talk.
reward. ???
client daina acidhide
rank E
rate of wining: 100%
i wish i had someone to talk to but i'm stuck here. i can only talk to people in there dreams. i asked someone to make this for me. she a nice mage. she researching a way for me to get out of here.  i wish to help. can we talk. i want to talk. i'll pay or reward or something i'm sure i can do something. i;m not asking alot.

daina: he very nice. and i sense nothing wrong when i scanned the area over with magic. i think get just lonly .... if you get any info from talking to him i'll give some coins up.

success rate: 100%


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