to what ends....

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to what ends....

Post by slivwind on Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:33 pm

type: acquisition,
client: arc mage golaven.
reward. 4 gold, (posablitly of more rewards) 15 rep scholars
i can;t make head or tails of this. every time , oi try figer out whats going on something blocks me out. sigh. i been working on decoding papers and passably  someone insane ramblings. but what i;m getting from it, got my attention. i be leave more paper can be found in a old crypt. but when i went there there crypt was not there. i scanned and found a displacement in the flow or planer essence. i need other who explore will i keep it stable and make sure nothing happens . the crypt is there.  we perpared some spell just in case something happen , so no chance of being traped in a nother plane or space or what every fear you have. i'll let you see what i;m working on after words maybe we can help each other out more after the misson

success   rate: 87%


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