fox's song box..

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fox's song box..

Post by slivwind on Mon Aug 01, 2016 1:54 am

rank E
type: acquisition,
client aburs vulpine.
reward.: 10 gold. ( posable loot and rep point, and more)
there a artifact called fox's song box, i hear it read it user sapostly, then plays song that match being, sometimes it seem to play them just to harm the use, other times to help them. its lock in some ruins, transport is payed for. and paper is to, i want reports of anything that happens . i'm in my house bye the edge of south end.  o ruins name um esta gale ruins. and name aburs vulpine,  Fine me before you leave ! its impotent you know what your looking for other wise I'm going to get another fake box. my house is on the south end over looking  the harbor. . um did i miss anything. i don;t be leave so. (it just ends here. he don;t stop nether  all the sentience ran in to each other they don;t end. reading it with out . or , basically would be same effect.)
possibility of success: 78%


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